The clear design language and consistent contours of the KBL 4800 while showcasing unique details and innovations as well as, not least, an attractive design.

The equipment category is fitted as standard with evoSystem2, the innovative reflectors in the facial area for even better performance distribution and two p2-vitamin-D tubes. In conjunction with the latest technology, the pigment tubes achieve perfect skin-friendly tanning results and provide the body with enough essential vitamin D, while electronic ballasts reduce the energy consumption of the tubes. Eco-friendly and cost effective!

p2 Pigment Lamps
Adjustable Facial Output
Adjustable Body Fan
EZ Access Service Compartment
Hinged Acrylics
MP3, SD card audio system, and volume control

Lamp Configuration:
22 160w megaLine 1825R 2 p2 lamps
3 500w Facials



16 180w megaLine 1900R

Total Lamp Wattage:


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