Radiance tanning lamps are a leading replacement brand preferred by many salons. Sold primarily into tanning salons they can be an excellent replacement lamp and we have FDA compatibility charts for Radiance for every state.

Offering a full line of wattages and sizes the Radiance line is a proven quality tanning bed replacement lamp that comes in High Pressure facial and shoulder versions, as well as, low pressure tube style lamps.

Common SKUs for Radiance are the Radiance 400/500 230V Clip-In facial lamp as well as the R2 reflector series, Radiance 5000, Radiance 7000 and the Radiance Black Line. Radiance tanning lamps are known for their German construction and longer lamp life. Facial and higher wattage lamps can normally achieve 600 hours of useable salon life in a well ventilated environment. Low wattage lamps in the 100 to 120 watt range last significantly longer and can reach 800-1000 hours of useable life. Useable means clients remain happy with the results from their tanning session.