The new KBL Tower pureEnergy 5.0 offers a combination of unprecedented, exclusive characteristics. Ultimate tanning results by maxium power for users and, at the same time, reduction of energy consumption and heat development for operators. Performance up – energy costs down! By up to incredible 36%!

The currently most sophisticated control system for a stand-up sunbed – KBL 7 control – makes it possible. The ergonomic arrangement of grab handles inside the tower makes standing, while tanning, comfortable and provides an even all-around tan! And those who want to boost their fitness at the same time can use vibraNano for a short but effective training of abdomen, legs and bottom.

Unparalleled design highlights such as the transparent acrylic ceiling, which illuminates the inside of the tower with graphic ornaments , or the appealing front create an atmosphere never seen before which will turn heads. Both design elements are available in the new design colour concept colorMotion and will make your studio a real eye-catcher.
    ACS Intelligent technology ensures a
    gentle startup and soft shutdown of
    the booth.
    bodyCool powerful fan helps
    maintain a soothing zone during
    tanning sessions.
    MP3, SD card audio system and volume control
    Bluetooth connectivity — optional
 52 Total Lamps

52 200w megaLine (2m)

Total Lamp Wattage:

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