With its clear dynamic proportions and refined details, the KBL 5600 offers everything you can expect from a top class device – great variety at a competitive price. The front panel with its dynamic LED mounts in four season colour play is both stimulating and fascinating and fits perfectly into any salon environment. More than just a beautiful design! The design promises a smooth transition from the outside to the inside. A sweeping line flows over the ceiling panels and connects the interface between user and solarium. First class tanning with plenty of space for a feeling of freedom! Loaded with features the KBL 5600 tanning bed provides outstanding results for your salon. It features an AquaCool System, which sprays a fine mist of cool water through non-drip nozzles in the canopy, refreshing the body and lowering temperatures in the bed. But the special highlight of this model must be the Aroma Therapy System, which releases either Sunrise or Daydream aromas into the bed while customers tan, a special experience rarely found in other tanning beds! Loaded with innovative features, this tanning bed doesn't lack in power either, showcasing 50 lamps, including 30 canopy lamps of various wattages paired with 20 180 watt lounge lamps. Ensure your customers will never go to another tanning salon again with the futuristic Alpha 5600 Commercial Tanning Bed
    p2 pigment lamps
    CPI=equal output for life of lamp
    AAA comfort: aquaCool, aroma, air-conditioning
    MP3, SD card audio system and volume control
    ACS auto-adjusting ventilation
    Hinged acrylics

46 Total Lamps

24 160w megaLine 1825R
4 500w facials
2 p2 lamps


16 180w megaLine 1900R

Total Lamp Wattage:

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