We sell discounted tanning supplies to tanning salons, fitness clubs, day spas, spray tan salons, mobile airbrush spray tanners and more. Since we sell indoor tanning lotion tanning lamps, spray tan solution, tanning eyewear and salon supplies at such low prices, way below Amazon and others, we need to know a bit about your business, be it home based or brick and mortar business, we need to verify you are in business and not simply a one-time public buyer. We do not sell to the general public. We sell at a heavy discount so your business in-turn is able to resell or use these products as part of daily operations.

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Buying tanning supplies below wholesale, from Tanning Buyers Group, helps salons keep their purchases of wholesale tanning salon supplies like tanning lamps, tanning lotions, tanning beds, and other core costs down.

Indoor Tanning Buyers Group (TBG) researches and negotiates best possible pricing on tanning lamps, tanning beds, tanning lotions, office supplies, print services, email services, web development, and more.

Using the buying power of TBG membership, tanning salons purchase wholesale tanning lotions, tanning beds and tanning lamps needed to run their business. Members get their supplies from many of major tanning suppliers and manufacturers. Members get all the same products non-members get but MEMBERS PAY A LOT LESS.

As members, TBG salons gain access to the associations wide purchasing network. TBG purchase is the largest in the industry. TBG consistently beats stand-alone pricing by expanding supplier access and automatically eliminating overcharges.

Your salon is currently at a disadvantage.

It is common knowledge that a chain of stores will pay 10-30% less than a stand alone store.

Suppliers can justify larger discounts on goods and services for larger customers. Franchises and corporations have professional buyers that keep suppliers on their toes.

Independent stores will experience reduce costs by outsourcing to TBG the ongoing task of keeping up with industry price fluctuations and various supply options. Independents have little chance of achieving similar pricing results.


Tanning Buyers Group constantly negotiates pricing to ensure you are spending less, on everything, across the range of industry and related goods and services needed to operate your store.

Members are able to access all tanning related items along with national account status at essential suppliers like Staples, iContact, Grainger, Vistaprint, etc.

In a tightening market it is essential that independent and smaller chain operators obtain competitive pricing on supplies and equipment.

Tanning Buyers Group members save on:

Industry Specific Supplies


Lotions - Lamps - Eyewear - Acrylics - Equipment - Parts - Accessories - Supplies - More

Additional Supplies and Services

Office Supplies - Email Marketing - Website Design/Development - Print and Mailing Services

- More

Tanning Buyers Group members can buy goods and services without set limits or requirements. You can use TBG discounted services as often as you like.