Tingle Drops

• Read Label For Proper Application
• Tingle Additive
• Vitamins C and E
• Moisturizers
• 95% Naturally Derived and No Added Parabens
• Formulated to combat against ATO
• Fragrance: Fragrance Free
To Use Shake before use. Dispense a quarter size amount of any lotion into the palm of your hand. Add three tingle drops for a light reddening and tingling effect, or six tingle drops for a heavy reddening and tingling effect. Mix well with fingertips. Apply evenly to body. Repeat as needed until desired coverage of body is reached. Wash hands immediately after application. Do not apply drops directly onto skin as they are designed specifically to be mixed with lotion. Do not add directly to a container of lotion. These drops are designed to be mixed with each use.

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