Loving Tanning Tonic™ Natural Bronzer
Magnolia + Lemon

Love is in the air, and romance looks good on you! Cherish those warm and fuzzy feelings and indulge your desire for passion with this Loving Tanning Tonic™! Attract affection (and attention) with a blend of Magnolia + Lemon that creates alluring passion within your body, mind, and soul. Let your skin embrace 100% Naturally Derived Caramel for immediate color, plus Annatto to give you a warm, sun kissed glow that will leave you looking ravishing! Just like the greatest love stories, this bronze is unconditional. Let them adore you!

• 100% Naturally Derived Caramel + Annatto
• Loving Tanning Tonic™
• TanStart™ Vitamin Blend
• Vegan Formula
• 95% Naturally Derived and No Added Hemp, Gluten, or Parabens
• Formulated to combat against ATO
• Fragrance: Passionfruit Kiss- Lemon, Magnolia, Goji Berry, White Sangria

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