Black Rosé Fleur™
Exquisite 40X Bronze Struck Blend™
Rose Risqué Complex™
Blooming Rose Water

Stop and smell the Rosé! Take in the intoxicating allure of this luxurious tanning potion and prepare to bloom with dark radiance. Created with a captivating bouquet of bronzers, the 40X Bronze Struck Blend™ and Rose Risqué Complex™ will leave you with a prismatic glow. Let yourself be enveloped in a bed of roses as Blooming Rosewater and Mega Magical Silicone work to drape skin in pure extravagance. It’s time to live in luxury so bring on the bubbly… say bonjour to Black Rosé Fleur!

– 40X Bronze Struck Blend™
– Rose Risqué Complex™
– Blooming Rose Water
– Fragrance: Champagne and Pink Peony
– Exquisite 40X Bronze Struck Blend™ features Designer Skin’s patented combination of DHA and Erythrulose, fortified with Opal to give lustrous, flawless dark color and longer lasting results
– Rose Risqué Complex™ works to provide tantalizing dark color by capturing a vibrant bouquet of red, violet and blue tones combined with golden caramel for balanced, prismatic results
– Blooming Rosewater, known for its soothing and cleansing properties, helps to keep skin feeling soft and looking radiant
– Mega Magical Silicone helps to provide extended color, optical blurring for fine lines and a luxuriously soft feel to leave skin silkier and softer than ever
– Formulated to combat against ATO

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