Wolff tanning lamps are the primary lamp used in all new beds. Manufactured in Germany to the highest quality specifications bed makers install Wolff tanning lamps when they send out their new beds due to the excellent results as well as extended reliability that the Wolff Systems Brand has built a decades long reputation on. Providing the highest quality and longest lamp life you will often find Wolff Tnning Lmps in high end salons where client results are paramount. In general Wolff tanning lamps are a bit more expensive to purchase but often justify any added expense in lamp-life and reliability.

Wolff System Technology Corporation is celebrating its 30th anniversary. In keeping with the newest technology, we are excited to introduce environmentally-responsible sunlamps. Many of our lamps are now qualified as "Green", meaning they can be treated as solid waste instead of hazardous waste when they finally reach end-of-life. While we believe that recycling is the best way to dispose of used lamps, Wolff's green difference is an important step in protecting the environment for ourselves and for future generations.

While studying the beneficial effects of ultraviolet light on athletes, German scientist Friedrich Wolff noticed an interesting side effect - tanned skin. Realizing the appeal of a beautiful tan, Wolff founded the indoor tanning industry. His research led to development of indoor tanning equipment and lamp technology. Called "the father of indoor tanning," Wolff brought his European technology to the United States in 1978. He set the standard for the industry with specialized lamps and a reflector system that was ideally suited to indoor tanning. Today, the company operates in North America and Western Europe, and has patent licensees in Belgium, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.