Cosmedico Tanning Lamps are often original equipment lamps in many new tanning beds. Cosmedico are commonly found in the best salons and it is well known that Cosmedico and Wolff brand lamps from Germany offer the best quality and lifespan in the tanning industry.

Cosmedico, a division of JW Holding, is the oldest, premium and leading tanning brand, worldwide. As the original founders, we have led both innovation and technology development that has shaped our industry. Our product focus emphasizes the benefits of well-being and healthy appearance. We have established industry leading quality and safety benchmarks so our salon owners, who purchase our products through our distribution network, can provide the bio-positive effects of light to end users.

Our products and commitment to exemplary service and support is what differentiates us from other suppliers. Each of our employees is dedicated to providing our customers with the best products at the best value enhancing the buying experience by receiving the highest level of professional support in the industry.