Tanning lamps are available in a wide range of namebrands. Each lamp has its pro's and con's. One tanning lamp may be inexpensive to purchase and one may have a much higher purchase price. Often salons will choose a tanning lamp based on purchase price.

Members are able to order lamps at a lower cost than is possible to non-members.

Cost structure on a lamp

  Lamp Life Hrs   Price Cost Per Minute
  #1 600   $12.00 0.00033
  #2 400   $8.00 0.00033

You will often hear of a salon buying inferior lamps and paying less for their tanning lamps. Buying an inferior tanning bed lamp to save money.

Here are the facts

  • Low End Tanning Lamps DO NOT tan as well
  • Low End Lamps DO NOT last as long

When you really check the numbers it is completely possible and suggested to use the best available lamp and keep your customers happy.

Member pricing will reduce the actual purchase price of the tanning lamp to wholesale tanning lamp levels and often below wholesale. This means that the actual cost for the higher end lamp will be LOWER than its cheaper competitor. This means more cash upfront. But less cash long-term. Salon conditions vary and this may not be possible but can be a long-term goal and we feel is the better path for their business.

Here are links to information about the various tanning lamp brands available today.