Sportarredo poured all of its passion for technological achievement into the making of the Mastersun 360. A high-pressure tanning system delivers an incredibly even tan, while the bed’s smooth acrylic body stays cool to the touch.

Exceptional tanning results with total comfort. This synergy between performance and luxury has just one name: MASTERSUN GLX. Experience the soft touch of the exclusive massage mattress while you are enjoying one of the most powerful high-pressure machines on the planet!  Radio with MP3

    Illumination in canopy, base, interior

    Classy white with blue and silver accents

    360° High Pressure tanning

    User friendly control panel

    3 speed body ventilation

    AC input connection for increased lounge cooling
 30 Total Lamps

7 1530w (face/body)
11 630w (sides/feet)

12 KalfaSun 630F

Total Lamp Wattage:

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