KBL Tanning Bed and Standup Booth tanning equipment is made in Germany by MegaSun and branded as KBL for North America. KBL tanning beds are known for their high end fit and finish and quality internals which make for strong tanning results with a premium appearance that high end salons and fitness clubs demand. KBL offers a wide range of equipment ranging from base beds to some of the largest and most powerful wattage tanning beds and booths on the market today.

More recently KBL has produced a framework for their tanning units which is fitted to varying levels of wattage and accessories. This unique approach allows KBL to offer a strong stock unit as well as units that can be customized for the user.

Tanning Buyers Group is an authorized wholesaler of KBL tanning beds and booths and can provide your business with the pricing, support and solutions your business needs. We also offer teh full range of support products to enhance your business and increase your revenue streams.

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