Form follows function – this is not only a slogan but also a KBL promise. The patented, twisted form of the smartSunlight lamps maximizes the performance of the KBL 6800 alpha hurricane and combines cleverly and efficiently the four most important wavelengths of sunlight in only one tube for the very first time.

UVA to reach a direct, intensive and attractive tan, UVB for the production of melanin and Vitamin D, blue light for pure and blemish-free skin and red collagen light to reach a revitalizing and soothing effect for your skin. Uniquely clever. The sunbed 6800 alpha hurricane ensures that you can enjoy your music from your smartphone by one click thanks to serially equipped Bluetooth®.
    p2 pigment lamps
    CPI=equal output for life of lamp
    AAA comfort: aquaCool, aroma, air-conditioning
    MP3, SD card audio system and volume control
    Service bay LED lighting
    Hinged acrylics

52 Total Lamps

20 megaLine 1870R CPI plus
4 500w facials
6 p2 lamps

2 250w

20 megaLine 1990R CPI plus

Total Lamp Wattage:

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