As a wholesaler we sell to businesses. In general we collect sales exempt certificates from our clients so that they can avoid paying reseller sales tax.

If that applies to your company please download the attachment and fill it out and get it to us prior to placing your first order. Once you have one on file taxes will generally be waived and the tax responsibility shifts to your clients as them make purchases and in many states businesses charge sales tax at that time thus avoiding double taxing.

If we do not have a certificate on file relevant taxes may be charged. If you purchase an item and either do not provide or falsify your tax information you will be responsible to report such purchases as part of your normal tax filings. We reserve the right to charge taxes if it determined your companies purchases should be taxed. If that occurs the known tax rate for your location will be used as the basis for such charges. Once charged taxes are passed on and cannot be refunded by Indoor Tanning Buyers Group.

Download this file (Uniform Sales and Use Certificate.pdf)Uniform Sales and Use Certificate[This file allows most wholesale clients to avoid taxes using a duly issued tax exempt number provided by their state. ]1921 kB