KBL Tanning Beds

KBL Standup Tanning Tower

Written by David Kenney

kbltowerMaximum 10 minute tantime and 230 watt tanning lamps with cooling fans make this KBL standup tanning booth a perfect choice for your salon. Fascinating radiance and perfect body. The KBL Tower - designed to be a star. Design and construction - the perfect combination of plastic elements with a fine shine and high-quality aluminum. Optic highlights such as the chromium-plated reflector in the upper part and bodyCool - the new and innovative all-around body ventilation by KBL with its four different air supplies - as a standard feature make the KBL Tower pureEnergy the absolute star.

KBL 6800 Tanning Bed

Written by David Kenney

kbl6800The KBL 6800 tanning bed featuers 500 watt facials and 260 watt tube lamps. Pure power can be so beautiful! Tanning with power, relaxing with style. The KBL America 6800 is the high-tech eyecatcher. 48 high-performance tubes, powerful design and a lot of wellness features

KBL 5600 Tanning Bed

Written by David Kenney

kbl5600With 160 watt tanning lamps all around and 500 watt facials this bed can also be equiped with air conditioning and comes standard with music options.The definition of a new class! Accelerating instead of breaking. Being up front instead of watching from behind. The world is always on the move and new ideas point the way ahead. How lovely when they also look good. Because design should not be a matter of budget.

KBL 4500 Tanning Bed

Written by David Kenney

kbl4500The KBL 4500 featuers 160 watt canopy lamps with 120 watt bench and 400 watt facials resulting in a 12 minute tantime. Good to look at and extremely comfortable. The exclusive design embodied in all our sunbeds is combined with even greater ease in the new KBL 4500. The ergonomically-designed bed surface with integrated headrest makes your tanning session more comfortable. KBL 4500 - the new mid-priced range with premium quality!

KBL 4000 Tanning Bed

Written by David Kenney

kbl4000Forget what you have heard about "beginner's class"! With it's high-quality workmanship, it's attractive color and design, the KBL America 4000 has all that a sunbed needs. And in addition, small details such as backLight illuminating the machine and changing the area create a unique tanning environment. Featuring 160 watt canopy tanning lamps and 120 bench lamps the KBL 4000 offers excellent tanning results

KBL 3500 Tanning Bed

Written by David Kenney

KBL3500Cozy ambiance for your studio. Quality and comfort, power and design.
Starting where others finish: The new entry-level sunbed KBL 3500 offers highlights that are unique in this range.

For example its cantilever construction of the base acrylic, its design meeting highest demands, or its new easy-to-use display. Even the integrated air control system in the canopy increases the comfortable tanning session: cool air is streaming directly onto the face.

And additionally a level of quality, comfort and power that one only expects from a premium solarium. Good to know that one can now benefit of those advantages at smaller sunbeds as well: Profit from the new KBL 3500.

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